Our Mission and Vision

The Kahala Clinic’s mission is to improve the health and academic Success of Hawaii’s Youth so that they can develop into creative, adaptable, independent and self-sufficient individuals in our community, ready to raise the the next generation and contribute meaningfully to our society.

Our vision is to prepare Hawaii’s youth to develop meaningful relationships, manage stress, make good decisions, overcome adversity, and be competitive in the marketplace. The Kahala Clinic understands, and promotes, the value of prevention, early identification and early intervention during a child’s early stages of development. Our innovative and standard-setting program, personalized to address a child’s individual & unique challenges, is based on a combination of outcomes-based services and practices that involves the strategic use and cooperation of a child’s family, school and other community resources, increasing the likelihood of improvement and positive outcomes. Guided by our shared values, the congruence with of our respected partnerships, and the dedication to the future of our local community, The Kahala Clinic’s vision for an improved life for all of Hawaii’s youth will be realized.