Is your child experiencing the following symptoms?  If so they may have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

  • Easily distracted
  • Daydreams frequently
  • Conflict around homework
  • Forgets to turn homework in/reports of missing assignments
  • Loses or misplaces things on a daily basis
  • Has trouble moving through morning, afternoon or evening routines without direction every step of the way
  • Seems to not hear/listen
  • Lies or makes excuses about homework completion
  • Talks non-stop
  • Gives up easily when he/she thinks something is too hard
  • Bored easily
  • Difficulty staying on topic of conversation
  • Doesn’t complete school assignments on time
  • Careless mistakes
  • Procrastinates on homework
  • Teacher comments “he/she’s not motivated”, “could do so much better

Let the Kahala Clinic help you and your family understand and treat the symptoms of ADHD with our proven Family Based Treatment services.  Although not widely available throughout the country, our physicians at Kahala Clinic for Children & Family utilize specially designed family therapy and family-based treatment techniques offering a different prognostic outlook -- higher recovery rates and lower relapse rates.