Our vision is to prepare Hawaii’s youth to be healthy, successful adults and be competitive in the marketplace. Our innovative and standard-setting program, is based on proven neuroscience, child and family development, and optimal family structure and functioning.

Does Your Child Face Challenges With...


"Unproductive worry", Worries a lot about different things, Tolerating ambiguity/unfairness/uncertainty


Persistent sadness that interferes with life

Emotional Regulation

Anger, Frustration, Emotional Sensitivity, Flexibility

Disruptive Behavior

Defiance, Arguing, Talking Back, Aggression, Self-injurious behavior

Substance Use

Excessive use of addictive substances, interfering with school, friendships and behavior


Distractibility, Impulsivity, and/or Hyperactivity

Eating Disorders

Below minimal expected weight, Arguments about food, Excuses about missing meals, Excessive preoccupation with appearance/weight


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