About The Kahala Clinic

father and little son talking at sunset beach

The Kahala Clinic for Children and Family founded by Drs. Keifer & Bell in 2016 offers a comprehensive, solution and outcomes-focused approach to challenges faced by children and families.  Drs. Keifer mentors all providers at the clinic to define a specific treatment plan that has value to each child, family member, and/or significant person who may  be in a caring and supportive role to the child.  The evaluation and intervention process takes into account the complex interaction between home, school, neighborhood and culture in which the child lives.

Our clinic strives to identify each child's unique emotional, social, behavioral, or cultural experience and our neuroscience & outcomes-based approach strives to restore the balances of these experiences in the lives of each child and family we work with. Our goal in treatment is to address the emotional or behavioral condition in the child, while respecting every family and school's cultural values, practices and expectations.  Using proven treatment supported by cutting edge neuroscience, child & family development, optimal family structure and functioning, clinical outcomes, evidence-based practices and therapeutic intervention, our emphasis is enhancing each child's strengths and resources in order to explore opportunities for change.  While many patients are treated without the need for medication, when medication is indicated, our Doctors have years of experience utilizing psychiatric medications in a manner consistent with the child & family's values and needs.  Additionally, our clinic offers access to state of the art pharmacogenomics testing that allows for a more personalized approach to medication.

The Kahala Clinic training fellowship benefits from cutting edge training and innovation.  With decades of teaching, clinical care and expertise, Dr. Charles Fishman, a master clinician, provide case consultation, clinical supervision and seminar training weekly with our doctors.

Our clinicians are committed to providing services to children and families in Hawaii and the region, and has provided services to patients from around the world.