Family Intervention Training Program

Training Leaders in Family Intervention



Drs. Keifer and Bell are committed to train a cadre of family intervention experts to lead and improve health care outcomes for children and their family.  They believe that Hawaii is uniquely positioned to be a world leader given its insulated island community and Native Hawaiian cultural & family values interwoven within a contemporary and multi-cultural context.  Once critical mass is reached in Hawaii, local health care and educational systems transformed, we predict that Hawaii will be the gold standard for children’s mental health systems of care in the world.

There is now undeniable research that demonstrates improved outcomes using family-based treatment for all childhood social, emotional, learning and behavioral challenges that interfere with development, friendships, school success and family relationships.  In addition, research shows that toxic stress within families leads to poor mental and physical health, poor job performance, legal problems and inability to successfully parent the next generation. Currently, there are only a handful of physicians world-wide that are trained in family intervention.  The latest neuroscience shows that sleep, emotional regulation, self-control, conscientiousness and authoritative parenting are the keys to building resiliency in childhood and predict success in adulthood, measured by health, income, wealth, healthy relationships and healthy babies.

Dr. Keifer has been mentored for 10+ years by Dr. Charles Fishman, an international expert mentored by Dr. Salvador Minuchin.  Dr. Bell completed her family intervention fellowship at the Kahala Clinic in 2016.  Currently, they are the only two physicians on Oahu trained in this approach.  Dr. Horita joined the Kahala Clinic in 2018.  In 2018, our doctors will be expanding the fellowship to include a select few child & adolescent psychiatrists, pediatricians and mental health professionals.

Contact our office at 888-5228 if you are interested in supporting our training program and its vision.