Our Story…

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The Kahala Clinic for Children and Family, founded by Dr. Jason Keifer & Dr. Cathy Bell, is the only physician led, comprehensive clinic in Honolulu offering developmental, social-emotional and behavioral assessment and treatment for children, families and schools. Drs. Keifer, Bell & Horita are now using their 50+ years of combined experience and expertise at Kahala Clinic to work with children and families to alter the trajectory of their lives in a positive way.  They know that family engagement, clear and consistent communication and collaboration are the foundation to success. As parents and clinicians, they are acutely aware that each daily experience in a child’s life is critical to their development and each step is a building block for growth. They have put together a team of “eternal optimists”and believe in the positive impact of early, congruent support services on your child’s ability to begin thriving. At Kahala Clinic, success is achievable using our outcome-focused treatment, allowing your child to become the confident, happy person they want to be as soon as possible.


Our Core Beliefs…

Changing Minds, Changing Lives

Success Early, Success In School, Success for Life


The Kahala Clinic specializes in outcomes-based treatment, parenting for challenging behaviors, behavioral management and consultation with schools, pediatricians, systems and businesses.