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Leaders in Family Intervention Private Fellowship

Critical Mass Achievable BUT…

  • Only two of us on Oahu….
  • Only a handful in the world, very few in the trenches….
  • Very few in a position to train family intervention specialists
  • Insufficient numbers of like-minded, experienced individuals

HAWAII can be state of EXCELLENCE

Our children, community, futureand pocketbooks need & deserve more ROI….


Contribute to our Family Intervention Leadership Training Program Vision: Sponsor a Fellowship (partial or full fellowship).  In so doing, you will be improving access to quality care for all families by:

  • Training leaders to transform health and educational systems of care in Hawaii
  • Avoiding the unnecessary use of medication
  • Empowering parents & leverage natural supports (e.g. family, school, community)
  • Decreasing duration of necessary treatment
  • Positively impact all family members, not just the identified “patient”
  • Creating consolidated, coordinated and cost-effective care
  • Decreasing the need for out of home treatment programs and hospitalizations
  • Decreasing the cost of health care


Contact us at 888-5228 for more information.