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Jeremy Richards, MD

Board-Certified General and Adult Psychiatrist  

​About Dr. Richards:

Dr. Richards takes a holistic approach to every clinical encounter, seeking an empathic understanding of the underlying bio/psycho/social/cultural/spiritual landscape that contributes to the presenting situation. He favors a mindfulness based framework, and a dynamic, affect-focused approach. He is also experienced with targeted cognitive behavioral therapies, existential therapies, and other tailored  therapeutic approaches. When medications are needed, he finds it important to discuss how the pharmacology fits into the wider perspective of recovery.  

Dr. Richards attended medical school at the University of Rochester, NY. (Home of the Bio/Psycho/Social Model and much snow).  

He attended residency at the University of New Mexico. During his fourth year of residency, Dr. Richards participated in the rural program, which features a cross-cultural training  experience, and opportunities to learn how to build collaborative behavioral health networks and maximize resources in underserved/remote areas.  

As a National Health Service Corps Scholar Dr.  Richards spent his first six post-graduate years as the only psychiatrist in the  Northern Mariana Islands (Saipan, Tinian, and Rota). He and his family relocated to  Hawaii in 2017. He has worked at Hawaii State Hospital and Tripler’s Outpatient  Behavioral Health Clinic. While at Tripler he worked with Active Duty Service Members and taught Dynamic Psychotherapy and Integrated Clinical Techniques to 3rd-year Psychiatry Residents.  

Specialty areas: 

Integrated medications & therapy dynamic, trauma-focused & mindfulness-based & existential approaches, approaches, affect-based dynamics psychotherapy, interpersonal therapy, mindfulness-based & existential approaches, patient-centered

Dr. Richards is proud to offer opportunities for those interested in doing in-training psychotherapy.

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