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Meet Our Team


Jason R. Keifer, MD


Cathy K. Bell, MD

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Josephine Horita, DO


Erik Shipley, MD

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Robin Martin, DO


Vonceil Yara, AMFT


Darcy Kazarian SLP-CCC

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Jordan Gibson, MA, BCBA

Social Connections Workshops


Amy Bailin, M Ed,

Mentor and Learning



Charles Fishman, MD

Mentor and Consultant


To Support Brain Health & Resiliency of Hawaii's Youth


Our Vision: Ensure a healthy & sustainable Hawaii for future generations

We identify each child's unique emotional, social, and behavioral experiences and their family and cultural values. We strive to define a specific treatment plan that has value to each child, family member, and/or significant person who may  be in a caring and supportive role. Our emphasis is enhancing each child's strengths and resources in order to explore opportunities for change. While many patients are treated without the need for medication, when medication is indicated, our doctors have several decades of experience utilizing psychiatric medications in a manner consistent with the child & family's values and needs.  Additionally, our clinic offers access to state of the art pharmacogenomics testing that allows for a more personalized approach to medication.

We acknowledge and deeply appreciate the giants in our field that have mentored and trained us, the late Dr. Salvador Minuchin and Dr. Charles Fishman.  Dr. Charles Fishman, a master clinician, provides case consultation, clinical supervision and training for our doctors and clinical team. Our clinicians have provided services to patients from around the world and are committed to finding a way to train health professionals in order to make this state of the art treatment and related services available to all children and families in Hawaii and the entire region.