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Group Therapy:
Building Social Connections
Finding One's Motivation 

More & more children, teens and young adults have difficulty making and maintaining meaningful friendships.  Technology and COVID have magnified this challenge.  We know that social isolation leads to depression and social connections improve health and well-being.  In addition, the ability to find & communicate with others who share similar values and interests in essential for dating and intimacy that is an integral part of life.

Finding one's motivation to work hard and persevere through monotony and adversity is critical in achieving long terms goals and finding happiness.  Many bright & promising teens and young adults struggle in this area of uncertainty.  

Common Social Challenges:

  • Reading the room

  • Eye contact​

  • Tone

  • Volume

  • Personal space

  • Body movements

  • Starting, maintaining and ending conversations

  • Emotional regulation

  • Problem-solving

  • Conflict resolution

  • Social exclusion and rejection

  • Bullying

  • Romantic relationships

Darcy Kazarian SLP-CCC is a speech & language pathologist who provides social connection groups for children from Kindergarten through young adults.  She teaches specific skills that help individuals make social connections with others. Parents observe the sessions from another room so they can understand how to help their children between sessions and beyond.


Jordan Gibson MA, BCBA is trained in the evidence-based UCLA PEERS program that helps teens and young adults make meaningful social connections.  He has years of experience in helping individuals find their motivation to achieve their desired goals.  Formerly a middle school teacher and NCAA Division 1 basketball player at Yale University, he now joins Kahala Clinic to help young people build social connections, find their motivation, and become more confident in a fun and relaxed group setting

Ask your Kahala Clinic provider if joining group therapy could help improve your child's social skills.

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