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changing minds, changing lives

optimizing children's mental health, one family at a time

about us

The Kahala Clinic for Children and Family offers a comprehensive, yet practical approach, to common life challenges. 

Our doctors & clinicians are acutely aware that each daily experience in a child’s life is an opportunity to optimize their brain development & performance and each step is a building block for positive growth & development.  Our team is laser focused on helping your child become more capable, conscientious, responsible, social, confident and thus a successful & happy adult.

Our team specializes in behavioral health, brain & functional assessments & optimization, sleep, parenting, social communication skills, language & learning differences and early childhood. 

Young Family

Contact Us

Kahala Clinic for Children & Family

4211 Waialae Ave. Suite 208, Honolulu, HI 96816

  PHONE:  (808) 888-5228


  FAX:  (808) 213-7292

Contact your regular doctor and/or go to your nearest emergency room.  




Please submit Forms 1 & 2. 

We accept HMSA PPO, HMSA HMO, HMAA, & UHA insurance and private pay.

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