The Kahala Clinic for Children and Family offers a comprehensive, solution and outcomes-focused approach to common life challenges. Their physician-led team provides brain and child development informed assessments and treatment for children.  Their team of “eternal optimists” uses their 60+ years of integrated experience and expertise to optimize a child's brain neurocircuitry and positively impact the trajectory of their lives.  

As parents and clinicians, they are acutely aware that each daily experience in a child’s life is an opportunity to optimize their brain performance and each step is a building block for positive growth & development.  The importance of early, congruent, brain and family based treatment services has been recognized for decades, but now is proven by neuroscience.  Kahala Clinic's brain and development focused treatment will help your child be more conscientious, responsible, confident, successful and the happier person he or she wants to be.


Changing Minds, Changing Lives
Success Early, Success In School, Success for Life

The Kahala Clinic specializes in brain development, child  behavioral health, outcomes-based treatment, parenting for challenging behaviors, and brain optimization for peak performance.


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